Happy 2014

Hi folks, server crashed a while back. At the moment most content has been restored, some smaller issues are left, but that should not deter you!

As 2013 draws to a close I would just like to take the time to thank all of my sponsors; Miniature Aircraft USA, Heliwholesaler, Mavrikk, Optipower, Savöx, Skookum, CML Distribution, Switchglo and my new sponsor Castle Creations (more on this later!) and friends who have helped me throughout the year. Your generous assistance, support and friendship has really been appreciated and means so much to me and I hope that together we can help make 2014 a great one for all of us! Thank you Josh WilsonAndrew Hinton-LeverAndy ChenAlvin ChaiSteve Rogers, Jason Varley, Rodney Kee

Whiplash 700EX release

A week from today Miniature Aircraft USA will release their latest 700 sized electric model the Whiplash 700 EX. The EX is a new variant of the current Whiplash electric and has several upgraded features over the original model to both improve the models flight performance and also minimise the routine maintenance.

Keep an eye out for this model at your local model shop.


New Whiplash 700EX

With July 4th being such an iconic holiday in the US it seems only fitting for Miniature Aircraft USA to announce it’s new 700 sized electric helicopter the “Whiplash 700EX”. The new EX sees a modified battery mounting system to allow fine tuning of the models balance for different sized battery packs, a zero maintenance auto system, new helical gears for smoother, quieter and more consistent performance, all new lightened and stiffer frames, tuff strut undercarriage to name but a few things.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before you guys can get your hands on this model as it is a definite winner!


In the Zone….2013

Today the pilot list for Zone 2013 was published and it’s an awesome line-up. It’s going to be tough no matter what the draw is but one things for sure, it’s going to be fun!

For more information on Zone 2013 and the Fleet Air Museum visit the Zone website here.

Bring it on!


RC Heli Nation……check it out!

For those if you who aren’t aware of this site RC Heli Nation is a fun and informative site for all of those RC addicts out there. Of particular interest is the podcast which is available for free, offering hours of useful news, views and other items of interest on all matters RC helicopter related.

Check out the latest podcast episode 79, where yours truly gets a mention in the news!



Joined Team Skookum Robotics

I am very happy to have joined the Skookum Robotics flight team and I will be running the Skookum 540 flybarless units in all my fbl models. Many thanks to Alvin and all the other guys at Skookum Robotics for welcoming me onboard I’m really looking forward to working and competing with you guys as the year goes on.


Another great day at Omagh Model Flying Club

Had another great day at Omagh Model Flying Club. Once again the guys there made me feel very welcome, many thanks.

Also got a chance to see Dave McClean’s Whiplash Nitro up close. Really nice bird and the canopy looks great. Nice one Dave.



BAC annual table sale

Banbridge Aeromodelling Club annual table sale is taking place this Friday night. See the flyer below for more details. See you all there. 🙂


Aaron Cole wins SWRCH Grass Roots!!

Big congratulations to young Aaron Cole (son of my good friend “thee Jamie Cole”) who won the SWRCH Grass Roots competition at the weekend.

I have seen Aaron fly many times and he has improved every time I’ve seen him. This was Aaron’s first competition never mind winning it!

Well done little man you deserve it.

Check out Aaron’s victory flight below

I made RC Heli Resource!

I just caught this today on their Twitter feed and then their Facebook account before visiting the actual site but the guys at www.rcheliresource.com linked my Omagh Whiplash video!

Thanks for doing that guys it is very much appreciated. 🙂