It is pitch black when the cover of the tank is closed and it’s not unusual for somebody to at first worry when the doors seem stuck. This is difficult and it’s just a matter of them being confused because it’s so dark. If this occurs, merely probing for the covers location will resolve the issue and keeping any panic at bay.

On at first getting in the tank, it is best to take a minute to orient the mind to where the cover remains in regard to floating.

Another thing to find when first going into the tank is the light switch. Almost all tanks have interior lights and knowing how to find it can also assist avoid an anxiety attack.

Anybody trying floatation treatment or float therapy for the very first time needs to advise themselves that they are safe and calm. The doors are created so they cannot be locked or stuck and there is always a lot of air.

Any issues will just be connected to finding the doors which is not so hard to do as long as peace is preserved. It is in some cases a great concept to find the light switch first and after that find the door. If panic does begin to embed in the very best option is to lie back in the water, breathe, relax and after that look once again for the cover.

If seawater does make its way into the eyes it can sting really terribly. This is because the salt concentration is so high, so it is very important to keep in mind these points:

– As quickly as the hands end up being wet they need to be deflected the face and eyes.

– Whenever the hands are raised over the head for a change of position, they must go outside the head, not over the face. This prevents water leaking into the eyes.

– The hair needs to be thoroughly pressed far from the face anytime the floating position is changed and specifically when staying up.

– In case water does get in the eyes, there must always be a towel near the door of the tank for instant use.