4 ways you can prevent food poisoning

Many people think that food poisoning can happen to anyone at any moment and there is no way it can be prevented. But this is a misconception. It is true that many people suffer from food poisoning every year; however, this condition can be prevented. Here are the most effective ways in which food poisoning can be prevented.

Cleaning and preparing foods

Animal raw foods are the major sources of contamination. So, you should make sure that you clean the food properly and prepare it well. You must avoid eating raw meat or fish. You shouldn’t drink unpasteurized mild. You should buy pasteurized milk as the bacteria in them are killed by boiling before selling in superstores. Before cooking food you must wash your hands properly. The boards and knives you are going to use must also be clean. If you have cut raw meat, then you must use warm water and antibacterial soap to wash the board and knife. It is recommended that you use separate boards for cutting meat and vegetables.

Be careful when eating out

If you have a weak immune system then you should avoid eating outside as much as possible. Whenever you go to a restaurant, check out their quality standards and make sure that their environment is clean. If you bring takeovers home then always refrigerate it within two hours.

You must keep raw meat separately

Don’t keep raw meat along with fruit, bread, and other ready-to-eat meals. This way bacteria from meat won’t get into the other meals. Also, ready-to-eat meals are not cooked for long hours. So, if any bacteria get in from the raw meat, the bacteria won’t be killed and it might get inside your stomach when you eat the food. When you keep raw meat in the fridge, make sure that you keep it on the bottom shelf so that water or blood doesn’t drip off to the other foods stored in the fridge.

Check out the expiry dates on food products

Any food you choose to eat, you must check the expiry date first. Even the ingredients you buy for preparing food must be within the expiry date. If any expired food is eaten, it will cause food poisoning.

You must always wash your hands and worktop thoroughly before cooking. If you sneeze or go to the toilet, you must use soap to wash your hands. If you have diarrhea or if you are vomiting then you should refrain from cooking for others. Follow these tips and you will remain healthy and free from any food poisoning all your life.