Excessive Sweating – Are You in Danger

It is a normal phenomenon to sweat profusely after a heavy workout, during a warm day, or due to the indulgence in physical activities. But there may come a time when you start to sweat excessively without a reason or warning, and the condition might become a regular thing in your life. It can be seen that you sweat apparently for no reason even when you are at some of the most comfortable places you could ever be. And the sweating might happen at places you would never expect it to happen. Other than the normal places such as hands, feet, face, chest, groin, if the sweating is seen to be happening from other parts of the body or if it is happening without a proportion – there are chances that it might be happening due to some other condition.

The condition of excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. The issue with the condition is that it is not easy to diagnose. It is normal for people to associate it with the usual kind of sweating due to physical activity or the warm weather conditions. Some of the most common causes for these are obesity or being overweight. Read this excessive sweating interview for more info.


Is it a serious condition?

Excessive sweating cannot be mostly categorised under a condition that is harmful. But in some cases, it might be due to the result of some other condition that is already affecting your body. In such cases, it is important to get the help of a doctor and treat the condition.

  • sudden changes such as sweating getting worse without a warning
  • symptoms that are shown after a change in medication or the intake of new medication
  • generalised sweating which is categorised as sweating all over the body
  • the development of excessive sweating during middle age or old age
  • sweating profusely during the night resulting in pools of sweat on the sheets and pillow
  • sweating at odd parts of the body or asymmetrically

There are some of the cases when you need to get the help of a doctor immediately.


Types of Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating can be of two types:

Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis

It is a condition affected by about three percent of people from around the world. It is a medical condition but does not cause any harm other than the excessive sweating at specific body parts.

Secondary General Hyperhidrosis

It is a medical condition that is less common but is considered to be a much serious condition compared to primary focal hyperhidrosis. One of is symptoms are sweating profusely during the night without any reason. It is caused mostly due to another condition that already exists in the affected body.



There are several treatment methods that can control the condition of hyperhidrosis, but it cannot completely cure the condition. Use of an antiperspirant can help to control the sweating at specific places where it is applied. In other cases, medication can also help to reduce the condition.

Surgery, botox injections, or lontophoresis are other types of treatment that can reduce or control the condition of hyperhidrosis.