Tips On How To Avoid Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a big deal, and it should always be carefully planned out because you will be creating another human being that you need to take care of sometimes your entire life. Therefore, you have to be prepared and ready before you do anything.



If you are feeling not prepared for such responsibility, but you still want to enjoy and have a sex life, there are plenty of options that can help you prevent pregnancy. Here are some of the most effective ways to avoid pregnancy.

Using a Condom

This method is the most common that people use in order to prevent pregnancies. Condoms not only protect you from getting pregnant but also from every sexually transmitted disease (STD). You can buy condom almost in every store, however, we do not recommend buying them from your local supermarket because they are not kept in a safe environment and they are not handled with care.


To avoid any risks with condoms such as breakage due to inappropriate temperature, you should always buy them in a pharmacy. They are much cheaper in pharmacies and they are less likely to break.

Contraceptive pills

This is the second most popular method for preventing pregnancy in the whole world. These pills are designed only for females, they are not meant for men! In order to have the full effect of these pills, you must take them regularly and not miss any day. If you don’t take a pill one day, you are risking of getting pregnant.


These pills just like any other medicine can be purchased in pharmacies. However, before buying your pills you should first talk to your gynecologist about it, he will tell you which one you should use and do you even can use them because of the PH balance.


This is essentially a condom made for females. It is made out of specially designed rubber that you must place into your vagina before sex. It will prevent any sperm going further that it should, and just like that, it will prevent pregnancy. However, just like any other product for preventing pregnancy, this is also not 100% secure.